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Industrial robot connector technology and knowledge sharing

In the 21st century, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. are relatively popular fields. In these fields, the demand for connectors is gradually increasing. So what technologies need to be met by industrial robot connectors? The following Lilutong engineers will come. I will give you a detailed introduction to which technologies the industrial robot connector needs to meet. I hope that after our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of the industrial robot connector.
The technologies that industrial robot connectors need to meet can be summarized in four aspects, as follows:
1. Connector miniaturization technology can better adapt to robotic equipment.
2. The connector can provide reliable power performance for the laser cutting system.
3. The connector needs to have the technology to transmit data, signal and power at the same time.
4. The connector interface can use highly integrated technology to save space for the robot.


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