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Which RJ45 connector manufacturer is better?

Benefit from the accumulated experience and core design of Lilutong. The manufactured industrial RJ45 connector can be installed in an IP20 environment and on-site without tools. It can achieve design flexibility, provide straight and angular plug-ins, which is more convenient for your use. Easy to install IP20 industrial RJ45 connector. Lilutong offers a series of industrial RJ45 connectors that are easy to install. Based on the universal core insert technology, this series can be installed without tools, reducing installation time and cost. This series is equipped with 8 pins and can support data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps. For lower transmission rates, the series provides 4-pin models.
   RJ45 series features
1. It can be installed without tools;
2. Universal core insert;
3. Reinforced design suitable for industrial Ethernet;
   RJ45 Application Series
1. Factory automation industry;
2. Industrial printers and diagnostic equipment;
3. Industrial PC solution, PLC;
4. Industrial data network system;
5. Industrial control cabinets and devices;
6. Motion and control, robot;
7. Industrial Ethernet system;


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