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Some electromagnetic wires often used in waterproof connectors

The electromagnetic wire of the waterproof connector is a kind of insulated wire, which will generate a magnetic field or induce a current in the magnetic field after being energized. It is mainly used for winding motors and transformers and other related electromagnetic equipment. The conductor is mainly copper wire, which should have a thin insulating layer and good electromechanical properties, as well as heat resistance, moisture resistance and solvent resistance. Choose different insulating materials to obtain different characteristics.
Magnet wires of waterproof connector manufacturers mainly include enameled wires and winding wires. Enameled wire is made of bare copper wire coated with insulating varnish. The insulating layer is thin and the footprint is small. It is widely used in various electrical appliances and instruments. The performance of enameled wire varies with the nature of the insulating material used. The covered wire mainly includes yarn covered wire, silk covered wire, glass filament covered wire, paper covered wire and plastic film covered wire. Among them, due to poor heat resistance and large occupied volume, yarn covered wires and silk covered wires can be omitted.
The glass filament wrapped wire is a round copper wire wrapped with glass filament and impregnated with silicone resin. It can withstand a high temperature of 180°C, and has good insulation and mechanical strength. Paper covered wire is mainly used for oil-immersed transformers. The wire covered with plastic film is made of polyimide film, which is coated with a certain adhesive and wrapped on the conductor by baking. The insulating layer is tough, flexible, easy to wind, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant, and is widely used in aerospace and other equipment.
Insulated wires of waterproof connector manufacturers usually consist of a conductive core, an insulating layer and a protective layer. According to usage requirements, the core can be divided into four configurations: hard, soft, mobile and extra soft. There are four cores: single core, two cores, three cores and four cores. The insulating layer is usually made of rubber, plastic, etc. This kind of insulated wire is widely used in various instruments and meters, telecommunications equipment, power lines and lighting lines with an AC voltage of less than 500V and a DC voltage of less than 1000V.
Wire is an indispensable material in the process of electricity consumption, and its quality is directly related to the electricity safety of thousands of households. Therefore, when purchasing or selecting, how to quickly and accurately check the wires (compensation wire, compensation wire, shielded compensation wire, shielded compensation wire, high temperature compensation wire, high temperature compensation wire, computer shielded wire, K-type compensation wire, S-type compensation The quality of wires and other wires and cables is a skill that many electricians must master.


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