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What should I pay attention to when buying a waterproof plug?

Today, we need to use wires in various places. When we lay the lines, many customers require that the lines should be waterproof, because the lines in many places are in a water environment, which is the first safety requirement. We recommend that you use a waterproof plug when connecting this line, it can quickly connect the line, and can effectively waterproof. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a waterproof plug?
1. The manufacturer meets production standards
Among many manufacturers that produce waterproof plugs, we recommend that you use Lilutong waterproof plugs, because you can guarantee the production of this product. Lilutong waterproof plug manufacturer has been committed to the development of waterproof plugs for 20 years, all equipment is made of imported advanced materials, and has a modern workshop of more than 15,000 square meters. Technology and production workshops are in a leading position in the industry.
2. Quality inspection standards of waterproof plug manufacturers
The production process and quality inspection process of our different manufacturers are different. Before producing products, we strictly select the materials from suppliers to ensure quality, and choose the best materials to produce the best products. We usually carry out more stringent screening during the production process. Usually, products are inspected through four processes, and a final spot check is performed to ensure that the parts in the hands of customers are the best waterproof plugs.
3. Manufacturer price of waterproof plug
Usually, when buying waterproof plugs, the price will be higher than our ordinary plugs. However, considering these factors, our ordinary plugs are prone to problems in certain humid environments. The frequency of replacement is high. It is best to choose a waterproof plug directly. Plugs can reduce problems, and many manufacturers can offer preferential prices.


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