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What are the mechanical properties of waterproof connectors?

The basic performance of the waterproof connector includes several aspects. Among them, the mechanical performance is an extremely important performance. The mechanical performance of the waterproof connector includes five categories: vibration and shock resistance, locking method, mechanical life, positioning key, plug Pull force etc. Let's give you a detailed explanation of the five important mechanical properties of waterproof connectors.
1. Vibration and shock resistance are the most important mechanical properties of waterproof connectors. This performance of waterproof connectors is extremely important in practical applications and is usually applied to some special occasions, such as aviation, aerospace, railway, road transportation, etc. In these occasions or environments, the vibration and impact resistance of the waterproof connector allows the waterproof connector to be used normally and stably. Especially with the rapid development of science and technology, various scientific fields have higher and higher requirements for the special performance of waterproof connectors. The flight speed of aerospace tools such as airplanes or missiles has increased rapidly with the maturity of technology. Vibration and shock will increase during the flight, which will lead to a series of problems, such as accidental cracks on the insulation mounting plate, breakage of wires and contacts, etc., and even more serious problems may even cause waterproofing. The connector inserts are accidentally separated. Under such severe vibration and impact, the use of the waterproof connector will inevitably fail.
2. The function of the locking method is simple and clear. It is a special safe and reliable connection method used to prevent the accidental separation of the waterproof connector caused by vibration, which solves this thorny problem, such as the waterproof connector Add safety fuse when screw connection.
3. The meaning of mechanical life is easy to understand. It is also an important part of the mechanical performance of the connection. The mechanical life is actually a durability index of the waterproof connector. The mechanical life of the waterproof connector is judged by one insertion and one unplugging as a cycle, and the judgment is based on whether the connection can be completed without error after the predetermined plug-in cycle.
Fourth, the function of the positioning key is to prevent it. It is a key structure used to prevent the waterproof connector from being inserted incorrectly during use. Please log in to our waterproof connector website for other related introductions of positioning keys.
5. The last mechanical property of the waterproof connector is the insertion and extraction force. As the name implies, the insertion force is the collective term of the insertion force and the extraction force. In some cases, the extraction force can also be called the separation force. It is worth mentioning that the requirements for insertion force and withdrawal force of the mechanical properties of waterproof connectors are not exactly the same.


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