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Is the probability of failure of the electronic connector high?

What is the probability of failure of the electronic connector? Nowadays, there are many types of electronic connector products in the society, and most of the high-quality electronic connector products generally have precious metals plated on the nickel spreading barrier. For example, the use of palladium in connector products is aimed at avoiding connector bases. The spread of the underlying metal uses the plating layer to contaminate the source and reduce the touch page. Therefore, the material used for the contact surface must be thick enough to reduce the risk of actual operation damage. In addition, a corrosion-resistant matching surface layer for touch is provided. The required metal plating thickness generally depends on the actual operating ring mirror, the level of plating methods, and the estimated number of mating and non-matching cycle times during the service life of the machinery and equipment.

When the product needs to work in a corrosive environment, the connector needs to be sealed or have sufficient plating thickness to maintain the non-porous contact area. This depends on the porous nature of the plating process, and an additional plating layer may be required to avoid plating holes Expose to touch the substrate. During the actual operation period, there is no need to touch movement and not in the use of corrosive atmosphere. The cheaper non-precious metal can be used as the electroplating material of the touch page.

The failure rate of general connector products is that the estimated performance depends on its design characteristics and actual operation of the ring mirror. A standard connector system operating under normal commercial parameters may fail once every 10,000 successful contact points during its service life. . For highly durable connectors, the performance that depends on the plug can be as reliable as only ten failures per million contacts under normal conditions. Achieving this possibility generally requires maintaining airtightness and non-corrosive touch pages throughout the life of the connector, because dust and other particulate matter in the air may be a persistent source of plug-dependent problems.


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