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How to play the role of the connector

The role of connectors in production is the role of connection, but in other industries, what are the relevant roles that connectors will play? In the maintenance industry, especially in the automotive maintenance industry, the use of connectors will give us It brings a lot of help, because in the repair process, after the connector is used, there is no need to worry about other operations of the machine, and there is no need to worry about the other parts of the car stopping operation of the connector because of the repair.
Another function of the connector is that when the connector is in use, there will be design requirements for different shapes. Each shape of the connector will have its own application requirements. Of course, in actual use, we can also choose to use Some connectors have requirements on the shape.
Connectors will always have different applications in different industries, but the applications in this process are different. The main function of connectors in the production process of components is to connect different production parts. The role played by the device in the middle is a simple connection. Of course, these are just things we need to do.
Connectors have many applications in our lives, and we will also use them in our daily lives, so there are still many opportunities for us to buy connectors. How to buy a good quality connector? If you want to buy it When purchasing a good connector, we should have our own purchasing skills, so that we can make relevant preparations before purchasing.
The first thing we have to figure out is the number and specifications of the wiring when using the connector, because the number and specifications of the wiring will determine which type of rubber core industrial connector you need to use. There are hundreds of types of rubber cores in the market. If we don’t pay attention, it will cause a lot of inconvenience. The choice of glue electronic connector core is related to the installation space or voltage requirements, so it is necessary to mark the use voltage of each type of rubber core.
Secondly, it is necessary to understand the connection line of the connector rubber core, because the connection specifications of each connector are different, and the rubber core arrangement of the cable connection is also different.
Thirdly, it is the choice of connector socket. When choosing a connector, it is also related to the socket. Wall-mounted sockets and industrial connectors can penetrate into a thick wall. At this time, the connector we choose is also To meet these requirements, when using wire-mounted sockets, because the back of these sockets are very short, so many accessories are not needed when selecting connectors.
The shape of the electrical connector is very small and the structure looks very simple. Although it only consists of a plug and a socket, the connection method is indeed different.
How should we connect the board to the board? The answer is given below.
Connection method
The electrical connector is generally composed of a plug and a socket. The plug is also called a free-end connector, and the socket is also called a fixed connector, which is realized by plugs, sockets, and insertion and separation. The connection and disconnection of the circuit has resulted in a variety of connection methods for plugs and sockets. For circular connectors, there are mainly three methods: threaded connection, bayonet connection and pin header connection. Type connection is the most common. It has the advantages of simple processing technology, low manufacturing cost and wide application range. However, the slow connection speed is not suitable for occasions that require frequent insertion and removal and fast connection. Bayonet connection is due to its three bayonet slots. The lead is longer, so the connection speed is faster, but it is more complicated to manufacture, and the cost is higher. The female pinball connection is the fastest of the three connection methods. It does not need to rotate. The functions of connection, separation and locking can be realized only by linear motion. Because it is a direct push-pull connection method, it is only suitable for connectors with a small total separation force, which is generally common in small connectors.
Several methods have been introduced above, but we can choose according to your preferences, but the most commonly used is threaded connection. This method is more practical and simple.


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