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How to choose the right connector-electrical performance

To choose a suitable connector, after selecting the type, the indispensable point of selection is the electrical requirements of the product. When selecting electrical connectors, you must consider the performance requirements of the product on the connector, so that you cannot avoid Consider the electrical requirements of the product. What kind of voltage and current requirements does the product have? It must be equipped with a connector that can reach this voltage and current, and the connector can ensure the stability of electrical performance in this working environment, and whether the connector can be used well in such a In electrical properties, these issues regarding electrical requirements need to be considered.
In addition, we also need to consider some other electrical conditions: resistance, allowable resistance change, millivolt drop, DA current value, DA voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug Pull loss and EMI shielding efficiency. Not only must the theoretical value reach the standard, we must also consider the electrical performance that can be achieved in a specific environment, such as the stability of electrical performance under a series of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, vibration, etc. This will involve environmental requirements. We will The impact of environment on connector performance will be provided in the next chapter.


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