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How to choose the right connector-type selection

A small connector often determines the performance and quality of the entire product, and a suitable electrical connector can bring twice the result with half the effort. So, how to choose a suitable connector? We can consider by choosing the type of connector.
Before choosing a connector, you must first understand the use environment of the connector, what kind of product to connect, and the scope of use and life requirements of the product, which determines the type of connector selected. The product location where the connector is used (internal connection or external connection), and the product location (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, etc.) where the connector is used will affect whether to increase the seal of the connector or between the insulation body With the addition of a shielding shell, whether there is a higher requirement for the surface plating (anti-oxidation function) of the connector. The performance requirements of the products used in the connector also determine the type of connector requirements. For example, consumer products require more low-current, signal-type connectors. Customers do not have high requirements for connectors. Products are as small as possible. As long as stable contact, The price is cheap. The more requirements for industrial control fees and medical products are that the product use environment is relatively harsh, and there are certain requirements for stable contact and long service life, while military and automotive products have connectors. Higher requirements. Because of the harsh environment and long service life of the original product, the connectors are basically required to have high stability and long service time. Many places also require IP67 waterproof requirements. Therefore, this type of connector is basically monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises and is a growth point for domestic connectors. Military and automotive connectors are basically designed for double insurance to ensure zero defects in the finished product.


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