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Classification of connectors and requirements for copper raw materials

When it comes to connectors, it also has other names: connectors, connectors, sockets. The best-selling domestic electronic products have made the connector manufacturers brilliant. The two complement each other and are both prosperous. In order to ensure the quality of electronic products, the First of all, the quality must be good enough. The use of connectors can simplify the assembly process of electronic products. The advantage of using it is that the unusable parts can be quickly replaced when electronic components fail. Nowadays, there are many types of connectors, and they are suitable for a wide range. The replacement of current components is very fast. If connectors are installed, it will be more convenient to replace new components.
When it comes to the classification of connectors, many people are not very clear. Technically, connectors can be divided into round and rectangular according to the shape and structure, and according to the working frequency, they can be divided into high frequency and low frequency. Connectors are also divided into many types due to their use, installation method, structure, and performance. For the layman, it is a dazzling array. As for how to choose, it becomes a big problem, but for the insider, it is very difficult. It's easy.
The point to understand the connector is the current or signal between the connecting board and the board. The plug-in force of the plug-in connector is an important mechanical performance. There are two main types of plug-in force, that is, the insertion force and the withdrawal force. The insertion force and mechanical life of the connector are related to many factors. Connectors, like similar products, require copper raw materials. If the quality of copper materials cannot be guaranteed, it will have a great impact on the product, such as the use effect and service life. The connector needs a copper material with high accuracy. The main function of the connector is to play a shielding effect. The selection of copper materials also requires stability and accuracy. High-quality copper materials can guarantee the quality of the connector. Excellent. For the connector manufacturer, purchasing raw materials is not an easy task. It needs to be careful, and it needs to be carefully selected, which is responsible for its own products.


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