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Naming rules for aviation plug models

What are the naming rules for aviation plug models? The naming of the aviation plug model is the basis for customer procurement and manufacturer's organization of production. In the aviation plug industry, there are two ways of naming product models:
  1. One is to use letter codes and numbers to reflect the main structural characteristics of the product in the model name. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long and too complicated. With the miniaturization of aviation plugs, it brings many difficulties to printing.
  This method is still popular in China, and it has been stipulated in certain industry standards and even national standards, such as SJ2298-83 (printed circuit aviation plug), SJ2297-83 (rectangular aviation plug), SJ2459-84 (ribbon cable aviation plug) Plug), GB9538-88 (ribbon cable aviation plug), etc. Due to the increasing diversification of aviation plug structures, it is increasingly difficult to cover a certain type of aviation plug with a naming rule in practice.
  2. This kind of thinking is to use Arabic numeral combination. The advantage of this method is simplicity, convenient for computer management and logo printing of small products. Major international aviation plug manufacturers currently adopt this method. It can be expected that the naming methods formulated by manufacturers to reflect their own characteristics will gradually replace the method of uniformly stipulating certain naming rules by the entire industry under the planned economy system.


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