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Explain in detail the four basic structural components of the waterproof connector for the car

1. The contact parts are the core parts used to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, the male and female contact parts are used to form the contact butt, and the electrical connection is completed by the mating action of the two contacts with different parameters. And masculine means rigidity, and its specific shape can be divided into cylinder, square column and flat, etc. The materials used in production are made of brass or bronze. Negative means that the jack is a more critical part, and it must form a tight connection with the rigid contact part according to the deformation of the elastic structure and the rigid mating.

2. The housing of the waterproof connector is the outer cover part, which is equipped with an insulating installation module and a mechanical protection device, which can allow the plug and the socket to successfully complete the accurate docking so that the connector can be fixed to the equipment in use.

3. The insulating part is the bottom base or the mounting plate. Its function is to arrange the contact parts according to the specified position and spacing, and to ensure that the insulation performance between the contact parts and between the shells is maintained at all times, because of good insulation Resistance and withstand voltage performance are the basic technical requirements for the use of insulating materials.

4. Other accessories represent many small and fragmentary components inside the waterproof connector structure, such as screws, nuts, sealing rings, positioning pins, connecting rings, spring rings and other standard common parts.


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