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What is the difference between connectors, connectors, and cables

Many friends do not understand what are waterproof connectors, waterproof connectors, and waterproof cables. In fact, they are a kind of electronic components with waterproof function for working in the water. They can put power cables, network cables, etc., not only can provide normal and Safe and reliable power supply, signal transmission, the most important and most distinctive function is to play a good waterproof and dustproof effect. Waterproof connectors, waterproof connectors and waterproof cables are widely used, such as: LED lighting, furniture and electrical appliances, urban lighting projects, ships, hotels, machinery industry, offshore lighthouses, gifts, etc., and businesses will use these , Individuals will also have needs.
In addition to the industrial environment, the well-known shared bicycles also use waterproof cables, and are widely used in air conditioning, aquariums, refrigerators and other industries. At present, the m12 waterproof connector of Lilutong connector manufacturers is specifically used in air conditioning, Aquarium products are well received by customers. Not only in terms of material, appearance, workmanship, etc., they are strictly in accordance with the needs of customers in the market. The wires are made of pure copper and have strong tensile strength. The terminal blocks are made of gold-plated solid copper. The 20-year professional waterproof line manufacturer has been well received by the new and old. The trust of customers!
It can be used in a relatively humid environment. That is to say, in our daily life, such as next to the pool or in the bathroom, this kind of waterproof cable is used on the equipment that needs to use electricity, which can ensure safety as much as possible and reduce the amount of electricity as much as possible. loss. In addition, it can also be used for water conservancy construction applications such as rivers, lakes, and seas, because waterproofing can reduce the impact of waves as much as possible, and it can also make dams and other equipment stronger and more durable, which is useful for the construction of the entire water conservancy project. Are very important.
The waterproof cable is safer. We all know that in daily life, some people often experience electric shocks because they use damp hands to touch wires. Using this kind of waterproof cable can reduce these hidden dangers as much as possible. It is possible to ensure the health of our family members, which is a very responsible behavior for our entire life. And because it is waterproof, it is more suitable for use in relatively humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, and the safety factor is significantly improved.
​Although the performance advantages of waterproof wires are extremely obvious, as a construction company, they will still focus on cost-effective facilities and equipment. This also highlights the objective inevitable need to alleviate the production cost of waterproof cables from an objective perspective. This is very helpful to improve the development level of the industry and meet the construction needs. The key is to greatly improve the overall development efficiency of production enterprises.


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