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How to choose an industrial connector?

What should I pay attention to when choosing industrial connectors? How to choose an industrial connector? The selection of industrial connectors is very important. Whether it is the personnel in the industry or those who are new to the industry, you must remember the four key points of industrial connector selection!
What should I pay attention to when choosing industrial connectors?
1. Types of industrial connectors
The main consideration when choosing an industrial connector is what to connect, where it is used, and the location where the connector is used (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, etc.) will affect whether to enhance the air-tightness of the aviation plug or add an insulating body Cover the shell. The type of connector determines which terminal (termination) is used and how many conductive terminals are to be arranged.
2. Environmental requirements for industrial connectors
​Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the electrical connector, so the location and expected environment should be considered. What is the shelf life and information of other relevant storage conditions. The description of the environment should also include requirements for shock and vibration, including requirements from shipping, and production environment conditions such as welding temperature and welding cycle duration. Some connector manufacturers say that the area where the highest temperature is generated is around the combined continuous current that the connector leads.
3. Industrial connector specifications
Generally speaking, about 25 testing institutions (specified specifications) for industrial connectors are used as the source of specifications. Of course, it is necessary to consider the use of appropriate test specifications in specific applications, including internationally common situations.
4. Electrical requirements for industrial connectors
When choosing an industrial electrical connector, the electrical requirements of the product must be considered. What are the voltage and current requirements of the product, and whether the connector can be used in such electrical applications? These issues about electrical requirements need to be considered. In addition, we also need to consider some other electrical conditions: resistance, allowable resistance change, millivolt drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug Pull loss and EMI shielding efficiency.


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