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Connector application field

The application fields of analysis connectors are all over!

The continuous development trend of application fields such as the automobile industry chain and the computer communication industry chain has gradually expanded the market demand for connectors. The average annual growth rate is above double digits, and the sales market has a bright prospect. In our country, it has long become the world's connector sales market with faster and larger volume.


The top five application areas in the world's connector market sales are: automobiles, computers and external equipment, communications, mechanical equipment, and aerospace and military applications. The top five applications with a steady growth rate are consumer electronics. , Transportation and travel electronics, medical electronics, communication electronics, electronic computers and external equipment. Among them, medical electronics has become a new breakthrough point in the use of connectors. With the implementation of my country's new medical reform policies and the continuous improvement of medical big data standards, the demand volume of the connector market in my country's diagnosis and treatment industry continues to increase.


In my country, the key to the connector is in the middle and low-end, and the high-end connector accounts for a relatively low proportion, but the requirements are increasing at a faster rate. At this stage, the development trend of connectors in our country is in the excessive stage from manufacturing to manufacturing. In the high-end connector industry, electronic computers and equipment occupy a larger market share, and the sales market of automotive and medical equipment connectors also has a larger market share. High market share, China's automotive connector market share is about 20%, and the rapid popularity of 3G mobile phones has promoted the continuous growth of high-end connector requirements.


With the continuous increase in market competition in the connector manufacturing field, mergers and acquisitions and consumer investment between large and medium-sized connector manufacturers have gradually become more frequent. Excellent connector manufacturers in China are paying more and more attention to scientific research on the field sales market. It is an in-depth analysis of the natural environment and commodity consumers in the industrial development plan. Because of this, a large number of well-known brands of excellent connectors in China have rapidly emerged and gradually become the leaders in the field of connector manufacturing!


Because the structure of the connector is becoming more and more diversified, and new structures and application areas continue to appear, trying a fixed way to deal with the problem of classification and naming, it seems impossible to integrate. Even so, some basic classifications are still based on the role of internal and external connections of electronic products, and interconnection can be divided into five levels.


① The internal connection of the integrated circuit chip.


② The connection between IC package pin and PCB. Typical connector IC power socket.


③ The connection between the printed circuit board and the power line or printed circuit board. The typical connector is a printed circuit board connector.


④ The connection between the base plate and the base plate. The typical connector is a server cabinet connector.


⑤ Connection between machine equipment and machine equipment. A typical product is a ring connector. If you need to master a large number of connector-related professional knowledge, inquire about the official website of Mingxin City


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