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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing industrial connectors

As designs become smaller and more mobile, interconnection is getting more and more attention. How important is the role of industrial connectors? No matter how powerful the device is, there is no industrial connector to connect with data I/O and power, the device will not do anything under any circumstances, so the role of the industrial connector is the most critical. But choosing the right industrial connector for the device is not easy, because there are a large number of commercial mechanical connectors to choose from. The editor of Lilutong will introduce what problems should be paid attention to when choosing industrial connectors.
1. The electrical parameters of industrial connectors. Will the connector pass microampere signals or many amperes of power? Is it necessary to accommodate high-frequency or low-frequency digital or analog signals, or perhaps a combination? Is shielding required to protect signal integrity? The same connector that transmits electrical signals in any combination may also have to function as a host to obtain optical fiber information. For medical equipment, liquid or gas may need to pass through the same inlet, and a custom connector may be required.
2. Constraints of industrial connectors. Should the connector be built on a desktop or a smartphone? The same combination of signal and power may have to be transmitted in or out of either device, but obviously, it will have to be compressed into much less space in the latter, and for wearable devices, the connector must also be compressed to In less space.
3. The environmental conditions of industrial connectors. Will industrial connectors be affected by vibration, shock or extreme temperatures? Fortunately, the data sheets of most industrial connector manufacturers will clarify the ability of their industrial connectors to operate under such challenges, and attention to detail will protect against too few or too high specifications.


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