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Connector expertise

After years of development and progress in electronic information technology, connectors have become key components for current or signal connections. Although connector products are small in size, simple in function and structure, there are many types, large numbers, and most of electronic connectors. Engineers often face the following dilemmas:
1. Electronic connector engineers will encounter problems and solutions that need to be considered in addition to functions in the design.
2. The reasonable choice of product routine experiment items, the analysis of test results and the response methods cannot be well grasped.
3. I feel unable to analyze the failures in the product application, so it is difficult to provide a targeted solution.
In addition to the key technical difficulties of connectors, on the other hand, product reliability issues cannot be ignored, including product reliability design, evaluation and testing. Many times people are discussing whether quality is important or reliability is important in connector products. Some people think that good quality connector products represent high reliability of the connector. This view is wrong. The reason why people have this view is the lack of overall knowledge and understanding of connectors. In fact, 90% of the technical requirements for connectors are the same or the same. The technically reasonable division of connector products is to master the connector technology. Effective means.
The birth of a new connector product requires two types of technologies: design technology and manufacturing technology. Manufacturing technology is not unique to connectors, but is part of all manufacturing technologies required for connector manufacturing. And the connector's own expertise and technology will be applied to the connector design, so mastering the connector's expertise is a necessary skill for design engineers. The connectors for new energy vehicles, rail transit connectors, and aerospace connectors that we commonly see are divided from a market perspective.
On the other hand, from a technical point of view, connectors should be divided into two categories: power connectors that transmit high current and high voltage and signal connectors that transmit low current and low voltage; from the design goal, connectors can be divided into functional design And reliability design. Therefore, reasonable technical division of connectors is an effective means to master connector technology. The basic laws of connector technology can be sorted out and mastered in a short time, but reliability design requires more effort to research and improve.


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