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The difference between various grades of aviation plug insertion force testing machine

Now there are more and more aviation plug products, and the test requirements for aviation plugs are becoming stricter. In addition to the plug-in force function, the aviation plug plug-in force testing machine also needs to perform pull-out force, breaking force, constant tensile pressure, and other more complex and strict tests. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the differences between the various grades of aviation plug insertion force testing machines on the market:
  1. The first grade should belong to the aviation plug insertion force testing machine imported from Japan and Taiwan
  In terms of appearance and software, as well as the accuracy of the test data, it is first-class. For customers, the price of this kind of aviation plug insertion force testing machine is also expensive, generally around 100,000. And the cost of after-sales is relatively high.
  2. The second grade is a supplier who developed earlier in mainland China and can develop programs independently
  The accuracy of the test data is completely comparable to the imported machine, the program upgrade function and the special requirements of the customer are better than the imported supplier, and the after-sales service can be fast and timely. The disadvantage is that there is still a slight gap in appearance compared with foreign ones.
  3. The third level is divided into two situations: one is to completely imitate the procedures of the second level supplier
  Many details can not be perfected, and the customer group cannot be compared with the second grade. Therefore, the insertion force testing machine produced is definitely not satisfactory. Another situation is that there is no development ability at all, and the software is outsourced. After the customer purchases, it is often unable to meet the customer's existing or subsequent testing requirements. The data of the aviation plug insertion force testing machine is falsified, the sensor is easily damaged, etc., after-sales password control, etc. The price of the third grade is lower than the price of the second grade.
  At present, the second-grade testing machine has a higher domestic market share. This grade of aviation plug insertion force testing machine is more cost-effective, cheaper than imported ones, accurate test data, independent development capabilities, and can guarantee after-sales performance Upgrading and testing new features is of course more popular in the market.


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