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Tips for buying industrial connectors

Many customers worry about the product quality of industrial connectors before purchasing industrial connectors. From the perspective of consumers, how do we need to avoid product quality problems encountered after purchasing industrial connectors? The following editor of Lilutong waterproof connector will answer for you.
Tips for buying industrial connectors
The quality assurance of industrial connectors generally depends on the integrity of the manufacturer. Whether the manufacturer has carried out quality inspection and testing, whether it has carefully trained every employee, whether it has carried out assembly line production work, whether it has complete facilities and technical personnel. It is to test whether its quality meets the requirements of the standard. And the design of the mold must be strictly controlled during the production process of industrial connectors. In its parts, the shape and size of plastic, terminals or other accessories are specified by the mold, so it will affect the accuracy of the industrial connector. . At the same time, the electroplating process will also affect the electrical performance of industrial connectors. Electroplating is mainly to reduce the contact resistance and improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and soldering performance of industrial connectors. Therefore, according to the design of the environmental specifications of the industrial connectors, the use of electroplating methods such as brush plating, immersion plating, barrel plating, and rack plating is determined.


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