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The four main components of automotive connectors

It is with these four basic components that automobile connectors can play a bridge role and maintain stability during operation.
The four main components of automotive connectors
1. It is the contact piece that the automobile connector can completely rely on to complete the electrical connection process. Without it, this process would not be possible.
2. The shell is the outer jacket of the car connector, which is equivalent to the animal's fur. It plays a protective role for the internal components and pins, and also plays a role in fixing the connector to the device.
3. The insulator, which is the base of the car connector, mainly plays a role of insulation. In addition, it can also arrange the contacts according to a certain position and distance.
4. Accessories. The accessories of the car connector can be divided into two parts, namely structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories are mainly parts used to maintain structural stability, such as clamp rings, positioning keys, positioning pins, guide pins, etc. Installation accessories are parts used for fixing during installation, such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc.


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