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Two aspects that cannot be ignored in the use of waterproof connectors

The first point: the mechanical properties of the waterproof connector

In terms of insertion force and withdrawal force, the insertion force and withdrawal force of the waterproof connector must meet the corresponding rigid standards. When we install the waterproof connector, the insertion force is too high, which will cause insertion difficulty, which is very difficult, and if it takes a long time, it may bring safety risks to the entire machine.

For the pull-out force, this requires a relatively large pull-out force relative to the insertion force. If the pull-out force is too small, even after the waterproof connector is connected, it will easily fall off, which will also affect the service life of the waterproof connector.
Two aspects that cannot be ignored in the use of waterproof connectors
The second point: the applicable environment of the waterproof connector

When choosing a waterproof connector, you must pay attention to its applicable environment. The working temperature range and working humidity range of the waterproof connector must be greater than the working temperature and humidity of the device. In terms of high temperature resistance, a high-quality waterproof connector must be able to work normally under its standard high and low temperature indicators, and its parts and performance cannot be affected or damaged due to the temperature. In the choice of humidity, excessive humidity will affect the insulation performance of the waterproof connector, so the humidity of the environment should also be considered when choosing, whether it will affect the use of the waterproof connector. Another very important indicator of waterproof connectors is shock resistance and impact resistance and extrusion. This point is more thoroughly reflected in aerospace, railway and road transportation. The connector needs to have a very sturdy, very shock-resistant function, and it can maintain normal work in some harsh working environments. At the same time, it also needs to be able to maintain normal work under huge impacts without causing damage.


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