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Related knowledge points of aviation connector

For aviation connectors, it is important to withstand pressure, shock resistance, and operate stably in bad weather. Lilutong has been a domestic aviation connector manufacturer for 20 years and is providing complete connection services for aerospace and has obtained N+ utility patents for connector inventions.
  Today, Lilutong's connector technology is becoming more mature and reliable, and it consistently provides customers with safe and reliable connector/wire services and connection problem solutions. Lilutong has high-performance aviation connectors, pressure-resistant, earthquake-resistant, easy to install and use, and connectors that operate stably even in bad weather.
  The following content is about other related content of aviation connector, aviation connector, aviation plug:
1. Aviation connector
*Introduction to aviation connectors
  Aviation connectors are named after they were first used in aviation. Generally used in conjunction with aviation sockets, it is now widely used in navigation, aerospace, aviation, national defense, military, nuclear industry, electric power and other fields. The shell material is often magnesium aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc., which is strong and durable.
*Aviation connector category
  In our country’s industry management, electrical connectors, switches, keyboards, etc. are collectively referred to as electrical connector components, while electrical connectors and relays are collectively referred to as electromechanical components. Although the division of connector product types is somewhat confusing, it is technically viewed , Connector product categories have only the following three basic division methods:
1) Press: Yes, bayonet (quick) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection
2) Press: shape (cross section)
3) Press: (take 3MHz as the boundary)
*Aviation connector technical parameters
1) Electrical performance: rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, withstand voltage and insulation resistance, shielding, radio frequency anti-interference attenuation value
2) Mechanical properties: the number of contact pairs and pinholes, installation methods and shapes, shell materials, insulators, contact properties, mechanical life, etc.
3) Environmental technical performance: working temperature, working height, vibration, shock, constant acceleration, airtightness, anti-salt spray, anti-moisture, anti-mold performance, etc.
Explain in detail the relevant knowledge points of aviation connectors
2. Aviation plug
*Introduction to aviation plug
  Aviation plug is a kind of connector, originated from the military industry, hence the name, abbreviated as aviation plug. Aviation plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits, so their own electrical parameters are the first consideration when choosing aviation plugs. The correct selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability.
*Aviation plug classification
  There are different classification methods for aviation plugs. According to the frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plugs and low-frequency aviation plugs; according to the appearance, there are circular connectors, according to the purpose: aviation plugs for cabinets, aviation plugs for audio equipment, power aviation plugs, special-purpose aviation plugs and so on.
*Air plug type
  Special aviation plugs for servo motors, special aviation plugs for needle spinning intelligent control, Russian military standard aviation plugs, U.S. military standard aviation plugs, national standard aviation plugs, national military standard aviation plugs, ordinary circular aviation plugs, small circular waterproof aviation plugs, Air-sealed glass sintered aviation plugs, self-developed special aviation plugs, communication facilities aviation plugs, and ultra-small precision aviation plugs.


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