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What technical factors determine the quality of waterproof connectors?

The waterproof connector can withstand a certain water pressure in the water. So, what technical factors determine the quality of the waterproof connector? There are three technical decisions: precision manufacturing technology; low-temperature and low-pressure molding technology; combined development technology of light source signal and electromechanical layout. The following are details, please check:
  At present, the manufacturing process used in waterproof connectors includes precision manufacturing process, light source signal and low-temperature low-pressure molding technology, and electromechanical layout combined development technology.
1. Precision production process
  The reform technology mainly corresponds to technologies such as small distance and thin thickness. It is necessary to ensure that it reaches the advanced level of the global industry in the field of ultra-precision production.
2. Low temperature and low pressure forming technology
  In the manufacturing process of the waterproof connector, the sealing, physical, and chemical heat fusion is used to make the waterproof connector achieve insulation and waterproof. After packaging, the solder joints are not affected by external forces and the quality and reliability of the waterproof connector are guaranteed.
3. Development technology of combining light source signal and electromechanical layout
  It can be applied to audio waterproof connectors that are embedded in electronic components. Adding electronic components to the waterproof connector allows the waterproof connector to have two functions and break the plan of the traditional waterproof connector.


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