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What are the characteristics of aviation plugs?

What are the characteristics of aviation plugs?
   Its main function is to connect various devices. The working voltage of the aviation plug is required to be below 12 volts. Due to its structural advantages, the aviation plug can maintain a continuous working current, and the current passing through is small.
   The aviation plug has certain requirements for the working environment. The aviation plug adapts to the environment where the temperature is between -25 and 75 degrees. When it is in storage, the required temperature also changes, generally between -40 and 85 degrees. .
   Aviation plugs have a longer service life than ordinary connectors. Good quality aviation plugs can be used more than 10,000 times, and the conduction resistance is less than 20 ohms. Aviation plugs have many advantages that traditional connectors do not have. Aviation plugs have a larger contact surface, which can ensure the stability of conduction. Aviation plugs have a smaller volume and can better adapt to the current electronic and electrical products' development in the direction of refinement. the trend of.


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