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How to check the quality of waterproof connectors?

When inspecting the appearance and waterproof performance of the waterproof connector and its components, the inspected waterproof connector and its components are usually disassembled. After the inspection of the relevant items, they need to be reassembled. To avoid accidents such as man-made damage and missing parts and components.
Inspectors engaged in waterproof connectors and their components (harnesses) must do the following:
1) The inspector must be familiar with the design structure and assembly and disassembly procedures of the inspected waterproof connector. The operator should contact the relevant manufacturer or disassemble it according to the requirements of the product manual. The tooling waterproof connector used for testing should be intact and its performance should be qualified; the probe should meet the standard requirements, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the jack.
2) When disassembling the connector tail attachment that has been made into a waterproof connector assembly, before loosening the cable clamp, do not twist the connecting nut on the tail attachment, otherwise the waterproof connector, terminal point or wire core may be damaged.
3) If it is necessary to disassemble the waterproof connector, the operator should fully understand the disassembly and assembly conditions and methods of the waterproof connector, and disassemble the waterproof connector according to the requirements of the product manual. Special attention should be paid to whether there are missing or wrong components, whether the assembly is in place, whether the serial number of the contact is correct, and whether the rubber parts are twisted. The assembled connector should be tested to ensure interchangeability.
In fact, let’s talk about the waterproof grade characteristics of waterproof connectors. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Many friends may think this is a very simple question. In fact, it is not. When we choose waterproof connectors, we must consider the specifics. In the application environment, if the connector we choose cannot meet the actual waterproof requirements, it will cause failures. Today, we will give you a brief introduction from the difference in waterproof connector IP7 and IP8 waterproof performance. Hope Can help everyone.
So under what circumstances do we generally use IP7 waterproof connectors? Generally speaking, using such a connector, we can be used to prevent water from entering during short-term immersion.
Of course, if continuous waterproof protection is required, the IP7 waterproof connector can no longer meet our needs. For continuous immersion under a certain pressure, which can prevent water from entering during the complete and continuous flooding process, we can choose IP8 waterproof connection Device.


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