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What is the junction box?

Junction box is a type of industrial connector. The junction box is a device that converts a connected power supply or data through a shunt, and can output multiple current or data signals. Then, generally what we call the M8 junction box and M12 junction box refers to the line socket of the M8 junction box or the M12 junction box. The difference between it and the ordinary socket is that the power output of the ordinary socket has only two levels of positive and negative, or there is a ground wire, while the power output of the industrial junction box is a pin I/O port.
What is the junction box?
The junction box generally consists of the following components:
1. Power inlet. The junction box is to convert a power signal into multiple outputs, so the first condition is to be able to connect to a power supply.  
2. Cable line. The plug of this cable is a general power plug, used to connect an external power source.  
3. Output port. It is used to output power, and other devices that need power are plugged into this port.  
4. LED indicator. Used to identify whether the power is on.  
5. Shell. The materials may also be different according to the needs of different industrial applications. For example, it requires explosion-proof, waterproof and other properties.
The size of the junction box is optional within a certain range. Can be customized according to your needs.
Power inlet style: It can be on the top or side of the junction box.
Cable specifications: PVC/PUR cable (standard), M8 plug, M12 plug, M12 plug, M23 plug
Cable length: The standard wiring length of the M8 junction box is 3 meters, and the M12 junction box is 5 meters. The length can be customized for special needs.  
Number of ports: generally appear in pairs, such as 4 ports, 8 ports
Output line type: PNP, NPN
Shell: standard shell, explosion-proof shell.
Application areas: Junction boxes have been widely used in sensors, instrumentation, electronic machinery, minerals, oil and gas drilling anti-corrosion engineering, wind energy and solar energy, water engineering, subway and airport, automatic control equipment, automation system engineering and many other fields.


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