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How do you see whether the waterproof connector is waterproof?

How can I know if the waterproof connector is not waterproof? Do you know the little knowledge about waterproof connectors? Today, the engineer of Lilutong Connector will give you a brief description. As the name suggests, the waterproof connector is a connector device with waterproof performance. The products are widely used in LED lamps, driving power supplies, induction sanitary ware, furniture, urban outdoor lighting engineering, machinery, environmental protection, automobiles, construction, ships and other industries. The waterproof joint adopts nylon material with good sealing performance, safety and reliability.
The reason why nylon material is used is that nylon pipe fittings are suitable for long-term water contact, non-corrosive, non-rusting, non-toxic, adaptable to temperatures of -40° to 135°, and have a service life of more than 50 years. It has strong impact resistance, good toughness, high compressive strength, good leakage resistance, energy saving, green environmental protection, and no secondary pollution to the human body. High-quality and unique nylon pipe fittings have strong impact resistance, no rust, no corrosion, no toxicity, no hydrolysis and aging in contact with water.
How can I know if the waterproof connector is not waterproof? The easiest and rude way to identify whether the connector is waterproof is to put the purchased waterproof connector in water for 30 seconds, and then take it out to see if it can be used normally. You can directly test it when you purchase it. If it can be used normally, the connector can be waterproof.


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