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Parameters of M12 connector

Product name: M12 connector
Thread specification: thread M12*1
Number of needles/cores: 4 cores, 5 cores, 8 cores/4 needles, 5 needles, 8 needles can be customized according to requirements
Connection method: welding, pouring cable connection
Protection level: IP67
Working temperature: low temperature -25, high temperature +85℃
Product appearance: straight, 90 degree elbow
Cable length: Conventional 2 meters, with additional cable lengths of 0.5 meters, 1 meter, 2 meters to 50 meters, can be customized according to user site requirements.
The wire is made of nylon material PVC.PUR, which has strong anti-interference performance and stable signal transmission performance; M12 connector is injection molded, beautiful in appearance, ordinary waterproof performance, and long service life.
M12 connectors have been widely used in construction machinery, auto parts production lines, electrical and electrical systems, instrumentation, minerals, oil and gas drilling anti-corrosion engineering, wind energy and solar energy, water engineering, power station substations, subway airports, automatic control equipment, automation system engineering, etc. field.


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