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Error-prone links in the production of connectors

Through the research on the production process of the connector and the investigation of the connector manufacturing unit of the multi-variety and small-batch production mode, it is understood that the connector production process is more prone to errors, and the links with more errors mainly include the following items.
(1) It is easy to make mistakes when assembling connectors and their parts in multi-variety and small-batch production mode.
(2) It is easy to make mistakes when managing the production raw materials of multi-variety and small-batch connectors.
(3) It is easy to make mistakes when designing and processing new parts of connectors with multiple varieties and small batches.
(4) It is easy to make mistakes when inspecting the finished products and parts of multi-variety and small-batch connectors.
Several errors-prone links in the production of connectors
In some electronic equipment, especially among the equipment in the IT industry, connectors are particularly used. Many people may not know what is called a connector. It can be understood as just like our socket and plug, connecting two things. Plug it in to achieve the purpose of use. However, sockets and plugs are not a type of connector. This is just an analogy. In a real connector, there are many metals and chips connected by circuits. The role played is not only power supply, but also the connection of two kinds of equipment.
The most common one in our daily life is the connector on the keyboard and mouse head, which is what we often call the round port (PS/2) and flat port (USB). These two are the most common ones, don’t look at them. It’s just a small connector, but there are also many circuits and chips combined. It can not only power the keyboard and mouse, but also make them play their roles. With the advancement of technology, these two connectors also have A converter is specially produced. When your computer or notebook needs a USB interface, you can use this adapter to directly convert the original PS/2 interface to USB, so if you usually use a desktop computer at home , But when the electronic connector needs a notebook temporarily, there is no need to prepare two mice. Although many people do this, it is actually unnecessary, because we cannot use both at the same time.
Nowadays, many such connectors are produced. They are not only used in IT products. Some large-scale machinery and equipment also need to use these connectors, but those connectors have relatively high requirements for technical products. , If we want to produce personal industrial connectors, it will be more difficult, but like small ones, more like card readers, it is very simple, small family factories can make better quality products, and in the camera Nowadays, the utilization rate of digital cameras has greatly increased. This kind of card reader that can be carried around is basically carried by many people, because the photos in it are always copied out, so this is a relatively small investment Compared with other industries, the technology content is relatively small. Board-to-board, but the demand is relatively good.
We all know that connectors, as a necessity in our lives, are more and more closely related to our production and life. You can see from the family management. As the basic connector for connecting digital and electrical equipment, which one does not have a dozen There are dozens of them, but how are their functions played and how long is their service life? Have they all played their due role well? This is a test of the living ability of a modern person. Living, learning to make life’s supplies serve our lives well, of course this belongs to the category of living ability, and learning these is actually not difficult, although various connectors are different and have different functions, especially suitable Equipped with electromechanical equipment and electrical appliances are different, but their principles are actually the same. With a little care, many problems can be found, which is worthy of our study.
To put it simply, we connect the DVD and cable TV receivers to the TVs of our mothers. You can watch whichever you want to watch. It is a simple question. Generally, children can easily use it once or twice. It’s switched, but it’s hard for older people to learn it. It’s really not difficult, but in this case, it’s no problem to distinguish the colors when inserting the buttons, and it’s basically on the ports of various electrical appliances. It will be marked. This is the advanced point of digital technology, and the important role of connectors is also fully reflected at this time.


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