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Connectors are difficult to supply in the electronics industry

Why is it still so difficult for countless connector manufacturers to supply connector products to the electronics industry? That’s because today’s smart technology is too fast, there are too many electronic devices developed in the electronics industry for new products, and most of them belong to consumer products of electronic devices, so today’s electronics industry’s demand for connector products cannot be estimated. 

It is very likely that for the vast majority of people, the understanding of connectors is very little, but they do not know that they are all indirectly exposed to connectors in their daily lives or work. As a common example, with the improvement of people’s living standards today, many people drive their own cars when traveling. For a car alone, since a car has about 400-600 electrical control loops on and off, If you want to connect this kind of electric control circuit to each other, you must have 80-160 connectors, 800-1,000 meters of electrode connection wires and 800-1600 connecting terminals. Just a car alone must have so many connectors, electrode connecting wires and terminals. The various electronic devices that everyone touches in daily life or work will also have a promising future. Immeasurable. Therefore, the electronic industry's requirements for the connector sales market are obvious, which is one of the reasons why the supply of connector products is still so difficult.

On the other hand, although there are many manufacturers that produce connectors today, the quality of the connectors produced by each manufacturer is different. Now is a time dedicated to product quality, especially at the level of consumer electronic devices. The quality of products after application immediately jeopardizes the customer’s feelings. Under the current situation of rapid information dissemination, customers are Dissatisfaction at the level of feeling is immediately endangering the development direction of the product itself and even the well-known brand. This also promotes the electronics industry shopkeepers' pursuit of perfection in product quality for distributors who produce connectors. This also causes difficulties in the supply of high-quality connector products even though there are many connector manufacturers today.

Nowadays, the well-known brand connectors in the connector sales market are still dominated by famous brands such as Tyco, Molex, JST, etc. However, this well-known brand connector company also has a common problem, that is, their exchanges in manufacturing connector products The period is very long, and the delivery period of connector products is long, which is fatal for many companies. Moreover, the price of brand-name connectors may be several times that of other connector manufacturers' products, which has caused many companies to look beyond the reach of such well-known brand connectors.

Generally speaking, in today's connector sales market, the quality of well-known brand connectors is guaranteed, but the delivery time is slow and the price is high. The quality level of general connectors is likely to be unstable, the price is a bit good, and the delivery period is relatively faster.


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