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Battery connector structure and related knowledge

Many people will ask what connector does the battery need? Isn't it enough to press directly on the slot? Why is there a special battery connector? The editor of Lilutong waterproof connector will explain the structure of battery connector and some small knowledge:
 The basic structure of the battery connector is: ①Contact ②Insulator ③Shell ④Accessories
 1. The contact is the core of the connector that performs the electrical connection function. The contact pair generally consists of a positive contact piece and a negative contact piece.
 The positive contact part is a rigid part, and the shape is cylindrical (round pin), square column (square pin) or flat (insert). The positive contact is usually made of brass and phosphor bronze.
 The negative contact part is a jack, which is a key component of the contact pair. When inserted with the pin, the elastic structure generates elastic deformation, and the elastic force is generated to form close contact with the positive contact part to complete the connection. The structure of the jack includes column type (groove shape, shrinking mouth), tuning fork type, cantilever type (longitudinal groove), folding type (longitudinal groove, Figure 9), box type (square jack), hyperboloid spring jack and so on.
 2. Insulators are usually also called substrates or plugs. Its function is to arrange the contacts according to the required position and space to ensure the insulation performance between the contacts and the housing. Good insulation resistance, pressure resistance and easy processing are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials processed into insulators.
 3. The shell, also called the shell, is the outer cover of the connector, which provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulation mounting plate and latch, and provides calibration when plugs and sockets are inserted to secure the connector to the device.
 4. The accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as clamping rings, positioning keys, positioning pins, guide pins, connecting rings, cable clamps, sealing rings, gaskets, etc., mounting screws, nuts, bolts, spring rings and other accessories, most of which are standard and common parts .
 The above is the structure of the battery connector and some small knowledge I hope to help you.


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