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Introduction to the relevant knowledge of the header and female connector

Connectors are divided into three types: DB connector, terminal block and female header connector. Relatively speaking, the main product of the company is the female header connector. The model specifications of DB connector and header terminal are relatively less. , And the Lilutong waterproof connector manufacturer today is mainly to explain to you the relevant knowledge introduction for the header and female connector, what are the specifications of the header and female specifications, 2.54 header and female connector? What are the applications, functions and specifications of the device?
Pin header and female header connector, as the name implies, header header and female header are both types of connectors. Generally we use pin to represent the meaning of row.
Application of pin header and female connector: PCB circuit boards in various electronics, electrical appliances, and instrumentation. Especially in the PCB board of the integrated circuit.
Material selection for header and female connectors: Among all metal elements, copper has better performance in conductive materials; secondly, silver and gold, which can reduce contact resistance, are generally only used for connector plating materials. Used in. In the wire and cable, pure copper is used for power, wire, information transmission, etc. At the same time, although the conductivity of pure copper material is good, in the electronic connector industry, its mechanical strength and heat resistance cannot reach the connector industry In this case, some alloying elements need to be added to improve its own mechanical strength and heat resistance.
The function of the header and female connector: It acts as a bridge between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, and is responsible for the task of current or signal transmission. Generally, it is used as a complete set, forming a board-to-board or board-to-line use.
Classification of header and female connectors
1. Divided according to the pitch of the pin headers: 2.54mm, 2.0mm, 1.27mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm
2. Divided according to the height and quantity of plastic
3. Divided according to the installation method: 108°, 90°, SMT.
4. Divided according to the number of rows of needles: 4 rows, 3 beats, double rows and single rows.
5. Female row terminal: U type and Y type.


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