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Precautions for crimping terminals of insulated connectors

Most intelligent electronic devices are used with insulated connectors. Insulated connectors provide reliable safety performance. In the processing process, it is necessary to strictly check whether each step meets the standard, especially when the terminal is crimped. At that time, the problem of attention is very important, so let the editor of Lilutong connector to explain to you the precautions for crimping of insulated connector terminals.
1. There should be no separate wires when crimping the terminals of insulated connectors, and the number of broken and worn wires should not exceed the given allowable range.
2. The insulating layer should be cut off at right angles when crimping the terminal of the insulated connector.
3. When the insulated connector terminal is crimped, the crimping combination wires of the wires must be anastomosed, and proper tools should be used for crimping.
4. Tensile strength test is carried out by crimping the terminal of the insulated connector. When a tensile force is applied at a speed of 25.4mm/min within 10 seconds, the crimped wire cannot be pulled out or pulled out of the terminal. .


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