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The main cause of sudden problems with computer connectors

The connector industry covers a wide range of fields and is widely used in aerospace, computers, automobiles, and household appliances. Computers also use connectors. If a poor-quality computer connector is used, it will more or less affect the operation of the computer. What are the main factors that cause sudden problems with the computer connector? The connector manufacturer Lilutong will explain to you!
1. The voltage of the computer connector: Because the thermal effect accelerates the chemical reaction in the film area, it has a certain repair effect on the film, so the voltage used has a great impact on the application of computer connectors . When the voltage reaches a certain threshold, it will cause the contact film to be broken down, and the contact resistance will decrease rapidly.
2. The current size of the computer connector: When the current exceeds a certain value during use, the Joule heat generated at the tiny points on the surface of the contact will soften or melt the metal, which will affect the concentrated resistance and make the contact The resistance becomes smaller.
3. Computer connector contact material: because of the development of different contact resistance assessment indicators, the technical conditions of the computer connector will also produce mating contacts of different specifications for different materials.
4. The state of the surface of the computer connector: The oil and dust on the surface of the contact piece form a relatively loose surface film, so the particulate matter is easily embedded in the unevenness of the contact surface, thereby increasing the resistance of the contact piece. The contact area of ​​the contacts becomes smaller, which affects the normal use of the computer connector.
5. And the number will gradually increase, and at the same time the contact micro-points will transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation.


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