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Connector manufacturers provide you with crimping automotive electrical connectors

Lilutong automotive connector manufacturers can provide you with these five commonly used crimping automotive electrical connector types. The following are the details:
1. Seamless crimping automotive electrical connector: This is usually cut from a circular cut to make it look like a tube.
2. Seam type crimping type automotive electrical connector: cut from flat materials. They are then rolled into a tube shape with seams running through the length of the connection.
3. Non-insulated crimping automotive electrical connectors: a model without insulation, so once they are crimped, they must be insulated with heat shrinkable tubes using riveting tools.
4. Heat-shrinkable insulated electrical connectors: This is a good match for all automotive electrical connectors, so they are also very expensive. Because of their good waterproof performance, they are very suitable for marine applications and under the hood.
5. Insulation crimping type automotive electrical connector: There are many sizes and types to choose from. The insulated connector can be straight or open toward the end. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that this connector is suitable for the insulation outer diameter of wires and meters.


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