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Three categories of electrical connectors

In various military aircraft and weapon equipment, the amount of electrical connectors is relatively large, especially the amount of electrical connectors used on aircraft. Generally speaking, an aircraft's electrical connector can be used in hundreds to thousands of pieces, involving tens of thousands of circuits. This shows that its importance is evident. There are many kinds of electrical connectors, how to distinguish them when choosing to buy? Please refer to the electrical connector classification summarized by the editor of Lilutong waterproof connector:
1. According to the appearance of electrical connectors, it can be divided into circular electrical connectors and rectangular electrical connectors. The following is an analysis of the use of these two connectors:
1. Due to the characteristics of its own structure, circular electrical connectors account for a larger proportion of military equipment (aerospace, aerospace).
2. Due to its simple structure, rectangular electrical connectors are more used on printed circuit boards of electronic equipment.
2. Classified by electrical connector structure:
1. According to the connection method: threaded connection, bayonet (fast) connection, card lock connection, push-pull connection, direct plug connection, etc.
2. According to the terminal connection form of the contact body: crimping, welding, winding; screw (cap) fixing.
3. According to environmental protection: environmental resistant electrical connectors and ordinary electrical connectors.
Third, according to the classification of electrical connectors, it can be divided into: radio frequency electrical connectors, sealed electrical connectors (glass sealing welding), high temperature electrical connectors, automatic disconnection electrical connectors, filter electrical connectors, composite electrical connectors , Airport power supply electrical connectors, electrical connectors for printed circuit boards, etc.
The above is the classification of electrical connectors and their expanded products, organized by the editor of Lilutong waterproof connectors.


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