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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing a waterproof connector company

In many cases, before choosing a waterproof connector manufacturer, it is obvious that you need to choose a manufacturer that is suitable for your long-term. How to choose? How to choose? Only then can we find out what is suitable for our own company and ensure that the waterproof connectors required by the product can be manufactured and delivered on time. At this time, you may need to understand this article: These three points should be paid attention to when choosing a waterproof connector company.
1. Obtained certifications and patents
 There is no doubt that a waterproof connector company that can obtain multiple patent certifications will be more able to maintain quality and quantity, and deliver on time. In the development path of more than ten years, Lilutong has won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise", has multiple invention patents and utility model patents, always adheres to international technical standards, and leads domestic counterparts with outstanding research and development capabilities. .
2. Is the service process perfect?
 Time-saving and worry-saving is a factor that every enterprise attaches great importance to, especially when receiving urgent orders and want to quickly produce waterproof connectors, it is particularly important to choose a good waterproof connector company. A good waterproof connector company is not only a matter of quality assurance, but a complete process will save you a lot of time to choose.
 Save too much time to choose, save time and effort, you can choose Tesijia. As early as a few years ago, Tesijia has realized the digitization of the service process, and pre-sales consultation, transaction and after-sale technical support can be completed online. Digital services can greatly reduce the order cycle, make the customer's R&D and production cycle more flexible and efficient, and further capture market opportunities.
3. Geographical location
 The important ones are generally left behind. Regardless of the above two points, it is definitely better to choose a waterproof connector company closer. Being close, not only can communicate with the business face to face in time, but also understand the strength of the selected manufacturer in detail, and achieve two results with one stone. If you are in the Longgang area of ​​Shenzhen and want to find a strong manufacturer close to you, Lilutong will be your good choice.
 The above are the three points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a waterproof connector company. Understanding these can help you choose a better partner.


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