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The importance of heavy-duty connectors to the production line

At present, almost all international production lines have encountered these problems: safety protection problems, maintenance problems, and model selection problems. Don't worry if you encounter these problems, using overloaded connectors can perfectly solve these problems. At present, in terms of safety protection, the protection level of heavy-duty connectors can reach IP65/IP68, etc., effectively preventing dust and pollution problems.
   In terms of maintenance, the heavy-duty connector supports plug-and-play for maintenance, supports the pre-production and assembly of components, and separates assembly of external and internal lines for convenient and quick installation and maintenance. Reduce installation errors. Not only that, for the size and length of the cable harness, the connector can be pre-defined. Satisfy customers' high-efficiency needs.
   Heavy-duty connectors are mainly used in the production line: automobile body forming systems, welding robots, control cabinets, intelligent control systems, assembly line conveying systems, hoists, I-beam blank workshops, transmission beam adjustment systems, metal beam combinations system.


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