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Lilutong provides you with automotive connector solutions

No matter how the auto industry realizes autonomous driving, Lilutong can rely on years of reliable automotive connector production experience to provide customers with perfect solutions. We are developing a technology portfolio that supports end-to-end car connectivity to solve all of today's physical layer challenges and respond to the increasing demand for autonomous driving. This includes real-time big data transmission capabilities, the flexibility required to integrate heterogeneous devices and chip protocols, the increasing demand for miniaturization and flexible packaging, and true automotive-grade stability for safety-critical applications.
  Lilutong is not only your high-quality technology supplier. Through joint innovation, we work side by side with customers in almost every industry to provide answers to future connectivity challenges. Lilutong provides high-quality electrical and electric interconnection products for automobiles, on-road and off-road vehicles, hybrid and pure electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically connect wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries.
  Lilutong's excellent technology and capability in the field of automotive connectors, connectors, and wiring harnesses means that we can provide a truly complete solution to meet the connectivity needs of autonomous vehicles.
  Lilutong's durable automotive connector product portfolio and hybrid and electric vehicle solutions can withstand the harsh environment of roads and water, making them run smarter, safer, more environmentally friendly and more connected.


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