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What is a waterproof plug?

The current waterproof plugs are different from before. The application of waterproof plugs has become more and more extensive. The waterproof plugs have made great developments in product characteristics and various aspects! Despite this, there are still many people who are not very familiar with waterproof plugs. Today, the engineer of Lilutong Connector will give you a detailed introduction to what a waterproof plug is! ! !
First of all, the waterproof plug is actually a component that everyone in electronic technology professionals touch frequently. Its function is very simple: in the middle of the power circuit, the power circuit is blocked or independently blocked, it builds a highway bridge to communicate with each other, and then allows current to flow, so that the power circuit completes the reserved role. Connectors are indispensable components in electronic devices. If you look at the current channels of goods circulation, you will find one or more connectors. The method and structure of the connector are different, with different application goals, frequencies, output power, application scenarios, etc., and the way of the connector is also different.
Waterproof plugs are mainly used for data signal transmission between various data program-controlled switches in transmission equipment bureaus, internal connections of optical fiber transmission equipment and optical fiber distribution frames to transmit data, audio, video and audio. Other communication equipment. This key is suitable for various data program-controlled switches of transmission equipment bureau, internal connection of optical fiber transmission equipment and data signal transmission in the middle of optical fiber distribution frame to transmit data, audio, video and other communication equipment. The wire protective cover is made of fireproof materials, which has high safety performance. The selected processing technology makes the cable have good flame retardancy and uniformity, and the multi-core cable makes the laying of the sound card rack more convenient and faster.
Special tools needed to check the waterproof plug (ruler, Allen key, tap, wood file, hand saw, knife or electrician's knife, special metal material scissors, hammer, sandpaper, needle nose pliers, nozzle pliers, wire cutters, screwdriver, Copper brushes, special installation tools) should be intact.
According to the application of the cable assembly, the key is divided into three situations. The switching power supply cable can display the plug-in switching power supply of the waterproof connector manufacturer. This type of switching power supply uses traditional wiring methods, or installs a standard waterproof power plug on the side of the power system, and can prefabricate necessary components. Power socket connector. To add cables, the internal power socket or power plug must be installed at the end of the relevant cable in advance. The connection cable must be equipped with a power plug and bare wire end to connect the device with a waterproof power plug.
Power distribution connector: waterproof power plugs can be installed on site in advance to connect electrical equipment directly to customer equipment. All waterproof connectors are delivered with the housing to reduce ground stress and are compatible with all common types of cables. According to regulations, waterproof power plugs include spring yellow or bolt connection technology.


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