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Environmental factors and mechanical performance factors of the connector

To choose a suitable connector, you have to consider two other important factors, namely environmental factors and mechanical performance factors. A suitable connector must make the product meet the requirements and make the best use of the material. The price is cheap and the quality does not meet the standard. The price is expensive and excess quality is not the best choice. Now introduce the impact of environmental and mechanical properties:
1. Environmental requirements
Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the electrical connector, so the location and the expected environment should be considered. What is the shelf life and information about other relevant storage conditions. The environment in which the connector is used directly reflects the product's functional and quality requirements for connector performance. The description of the environment should also include requirements for shock and vibration, including requirements from shipping, and production environmental conditions such as Requirements for welding temperature and welding cycle duration. Dongguan Kangdao New Energy Connector Co., Ltd. believes that the area around the convergent continuous current guided by the connector is the area where high temperature occurs. Therefore, the performance test of a qualified connector must be qualified in different environments, especially in automobiles, ships, and aviation. The requirements for connectors are particularly stringent. Therefore, the connector types include automotive connectors and aviation Connectors are classified as high-quality and high-requirement connectors. The mechanical performance test of this type of connector must be simultaneously tested under the environmental performance test.
2. Mechanical performance requirements
For the connector, what volume and footprint are effective; what is the allowable dimensional tolerance; what is the insertion and withdrawal force of the terminal; what is the durability of the connector (the frequency of mating mating) ? These factors are to be considered when choosing electrical connectors. For example, for printed circuit boards, it is important to determine the tolerance of the circuit board. It is the critical value of card edge connection and the feasibility of reaching the critical value. For low-power circuits, the plating and underlying materials must be specified in accordance with the signal standard and environmental level. The mechanical performance test is also called the physical performance test. Many connectors can meet the product requirements in theory, but in actual use, the actual performance effect is larger than the theoretical value. This is the laboratory and quantity. The difference in production, a small part of its impact is caused by the material and processing technology, and a large part is caused by environmental factors. Dongguan Kangdao New Energy Connector Co., Ltd. recommends that all connectors The performance parameters of (especially automotive connectors and aviation connectors) should be based on the data tested under environmental conditions (subject to industry standards), and theoretical values ​​cannot be used as standards.


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