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What are the differences between metal waterproof connectors and plastic connectors?

What are the differences between metal shell waterproof connectors and plastic shell connectors? The structure of the waterproof connector is generally divided into: metal contact conductor and shell metal. The following are four differences:
1. Mechanical life
  The mechanical life of a waterproof connector refers to the life f the number of times of insertion and removal, and the industry standard usually specifies 500 to 1000 times. When the specified mechanical life is reached, the contact resistance, insulation resistance, and withstand voltage of the waterproof connector should not exceed the specified standard values. There is little difference between the metal shell and the plastic shell.
2. Electrical performance
  The rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, insulation resistance, etc. are in accordance with the specified standard values. The metal shell is the same as the plastic shell.
3. Environmental parameters
  Environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, sudden temperature changes, atmospheric pressure and corrosive environment. The environment in which the waterproof connector is in use, storage, and transportation has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding metal shell must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions, which is better than plastic.
4. Termination method
  Termination mode refers to the connection mode between the hardware contacts of the male and female connectors of the waterproof connector and the wire and cable. The metal is the same as the plastic case. Welding, crimping, winding, piercing, screw
  Comprehensive analysis, in addition to the need for the connector with shielding function, there is little difference in performance between metal and nylon TA66 plastic shells. Compared with the metal shell, the cost of plastic is lower and the structure is more reasonable.


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