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All pin jack connectors are available online

Lilutong pin jack connectors can be purchased online, if you need to buy, please consult the Lilutong waterproof connector online customer service. The following is the relevant knowledge of the connector pin jack: the four connection methods of the pin jack connector.
1. Thread connection method of connector pin jack
  It is the connection method that is often used in some large-sized touch parts and connector pin jacks in an obvious vibrating working environment. This type of connection can be installed with a fuse or nut to avoid loosening after the connection is made. This connection method is reliable in application, but the connection is very slow.
2. Connector pin jack bayonet connection mode
  It is such a reliable and fast way to connect and disconnect. Most of the electrical connectors of the card 121 connection mode have proper connection and locking visual display information, which can be observed from the small round holes on the side of the connection nut of the electrical connector.
3. The plug-in connection mode of the connector pin jack
  It is this kind of multi-functional connection. When the pin jack of the electrical connector and the power socket are connected and separated, the moving position is generally a reciprocating uniform linear motion, without twisting and rotating, and only a small indoor space in the work can be connected and unloaded. The common plug-in connection has two structures: steel ball or split pin. Since this connection method does not have a labor-saving organization on the mechanical equipment, if it is inserted incorrectly, the frictional resistance of the mechanical equipment will increase significantly and can be immediately noticed.
4. Connector pin jack cabinet connection mode
  It is used for electrical connectors on machinery and equipment that must be blindly connected to the structure close to the structure. It can make electrical equipment smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.
  This type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection status. It is necessary to design such a precise positioning device to prevent the incorrectly inserted connector pin and socket from being forcibly connected together, making the incorrect insertion impossible. It's too possible. Connector pin jacks are generally constructed with wave or malleable touch design to ensure proper connection. TXGA presents solutions for various types of pin jack connections, including connector pin jacks, yellow clips, pick and place pads, and yellow pins. People’s rechargeable battery connector products include connector pin jacks, new energy technology high-current pin jacks, spring leaf type, wave rechargeable battery interconnection system software (FBIS) and pogopin, which are considered Various options can be considered for the continuous transformation of smart phones.


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