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Four factors affecting the performance of fpc connectors

FPC connectors are often used to connect the LCD display to the drive circuit (PCB). They are mainly used in various digital communication products, portable electronic products, computer peripheral equipment, measuring instruments, automotive electronics and other fields. For example, common: mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers, small electronic devices and other important fields. And its performance can often directly affect the electronic product itself, so the fpc connector has become an important component in the electronic field.
However, the performance of FPC connectors is often affected in many ways, and poor use is likely to cause damage. So what are the factors that affect the performance of FPC connectors? The following five points:
1. Environment
  The fpc connector will accelerate the corrosion of the internal metal components of the connector in a humid environment, causing the surface of the needle core to become damp, and the plastic film will gradually be affected by its corrosion. Therefore, in general, do not use the fpc connector in an environment that is too humid. There are also fpc connectors used in harsh environments, which will corrode the pores of the connector, and also cause the internal pin edges to deform, and some metal particles on the surface will also be corroded. Therefore, do not use the connector in a high temperature and corrosive environment.
2. Temperature
  The fpc connector will accelerate the corrosion of the needle core under the working environment with high temperature, and form surface oxidation, which will cause the loss of contact pressure. Moreover, the working temperature cannot dissipate heat, which may directly burn the connector.
3. Time
  As the fpc connector is used for a long time, the wear life between the pin cores will also be reduced, so in the daily use of the fpc connector, please be careful not to use the connector when it is unnecessary Insert the connector to prevent the inner pin core from wearing out, thereby reducing the service life of the connector.
4. Insertion and extraction force
  The insertion and extraction force of the fpc connector is an important mechanical performance. The insertion and extraction force is divided into the insertion force and the extraction force. The requirements of the two are different. From the perspective of use, the force used for the insertion force should be slightly increased. The force used for insertion should be smaller. If the separation force is too large, it will affect the reliability of the contact between the pin headers.
  The above are the four major factors that affect the performance of fpc connectors. If you can understand and master these during use, you can increase the life cycle of electronic products.


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