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How to choose a waterproof connector

How to choose the most suitable waterproof connector? This is a problem that many people will pay attention to. Today, the engineer of the Lilutong connector manufacturer will explain it for everyone!
How to choose the waterproof connector that suits you?
1. To correctly select electrical connectors, it is necessary to understand the types, specifications, performance and specific use occasions of electrical connectors produced by various domestic and foreign manufacturers, and to understand in detail the status of product quality and compliance with technical standards or specifications. . You can familiarize yourself with the electrical parameters, mechanical parameters, environmental parameters, safety parameters, dimensions, weight, operation and installation methods and termination, contact, etc. of various electrical connectors through product samples, samples, instructions for use, product standards and agreements, etc. The plug-in locking method and other contents are analyzed from the design reliability and technological production level of various electrical connectors.
2. On the basis of full investigation and research and mastering a large amount of information, design the functional requirements of each interconnection position for the electrical connector according to the model, and select the most appropriate electrical connector. In short, through real optimization, a batch of products with mature technology, reliable and novel structure, and stable quality should be identified and discovered, and some products with poor quality and unstable quality should be eliminated and eliminated.
3. After the electrical connector is selected correctly, the electrical connector must be used correctly. If the electrical connector is operated incorrectly during installation and maintenance, the contacts are contaminated by dust or the wrong wire or cable is connected, and the wrong installation, etc. It will cause the quality problem of the electrical connector to fail. According to the statistics of an electrical connector manufacturer, the probability of failure due to improper use and operation accounts for 40% to 50% of the total number of electrical connector failures. We must attach great importance to this.
The importance of waterproof connectors
Waterproof connectors are the main basic components to ensure that aircraft electrical energy and electrical signals are accurately transmitted to various electronic equipment. With the development of new high-performance combat aircraft, high-tech electronic equipment and electronic technology are widely used in aircraft, requiring military aviation connectors. Structural performance adapts to high-tech requirements, which plays a key role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of aircraft.


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