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What is a circular connector?

Aviation plugs, waterproof connectors, and waterproof plugs are actually different names people have for circular connectors. The first waterproof connectors came from the military industry and are now also used in daily life and are very popular!
Many military connectors and connectors similar to military standards are increasingly being used in the civilian field, and the term "aviation plug" is naturally brought to the civilian field by people.
The so-called "waterproof aviation plug" is a waterproof circular connector, also called "waterproof connector", "waterproof plug, socket" or "waterproof cable", also called waterproof connector in English.
The waterproof aerial plug can provide safe and reliable electrical and signal connections. For example: LED street lights, LED drive power supplies, LED displays, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, etc., all need to use waterproof aerial plugs.
At present, there are many brands and types of waterproof aerial plugs on the market, including traditional waterproof plugs used in home life, such as triangular plugs, etc., which can be called plugs, but they are generally not waterproof. So how is the waterproof plug determined? The waterproof measurement is IP, and the highest waterproof level is IP68. At present, there are many manufacturers of waterproof plugs in China, but the ones that do better are known as Shenzhen Qiaoheli Technology Co., Ltd. and A Taiwanese family.
At present, the main assessment standard for the waterproof performance of the waterproof aerial plug is based on the ip waterproof grade standard. Look at the waterproof performance of the waterproof aviation plug, mainly look at the back two digits XX of IPXX, the first X is from 0 to 6, the highest level is 6; the second digit is from 0 to 8, the highest level is 8; so waterproof The highest waterproof rating of the connector is IP68. Sealing principle: Rely on up to 5 sealing rings and sealing rings to pre-tighten the seal with pressure. This kind of seal


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