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What factors affect the performance of M8 connectors?

With the development of the electronics industry, the use of M8 connectors has become more and more extensive. No matter what environment the M8 connectors are used in, they should have anti-interference protection and prevent their functions from being hindered. This has become a measure of the quality of a connector. The most basic key indicator. So, what factors will affect the performance of M8 connectors? The main factors that affect the performance of M8 connectors include temperature, voltage, current, insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, and so on.
First, the impact of humidity on the connector Waterproof is a technical index required by many M8 connectors. Because water is corrosive to metal components, it can also conduct electricity and reduce insulation, thereby reducing the efficiency of its use, so high water resistance is the key. The former requires M8 connectors to have very good corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the corrosive effects of various acids and smoke. Impact resistance is mainly required for some special occasions, such as the transportation and aviation industries.
Second, the influence of temperature on the connector Temperature can change the physical state of the connector, and it is an important factor affecting the performance of the M8 connector. Because of the different seasons and regions, the ambient temperature may vary greatly. After the M8 connector is connected, heat will be generated when the current passes, and the final result is a temperature rise. The addition of the two may affect the use of the connector effect. A good M8 connector should have very good resistance to high and low temperatures, and the built-in metal components should be able to maintain the physical state within a certain temperature, without deformation, expansion, and shrinkage. Usually M8 connectors can withstand a maximum of 85 degrees and a minimum of minus 25 degrees.


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