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N type connector online purchase

The N-type connector is a medium-sized threaded RF connector for connecting coaxial cables. It is one of the early connectors that can transmit microwave frequency signals. It was invented by Paul Niall of Bell Labs in the 1940s and was named at the time. It is widely used in machine-to-machine communication in aerospace and defense, medical treatment, commercial vehicles, communications, telecommunications, broadcasting electronics, WIFI networks, and industrial fields.
Lilutong connector manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of N-type connectors, N-type interfaces, and N-type connectors. It supplies various common N-head connectors. For more N-head connector products not listed, please contact our online customer service to obtain More detailed information. (Products in stock can be shipped on the same day)
1. According to the international MIL-C-39012, CECC22120 and IEC60169-8 standards. The design of N-type joint products is reasonable and compact, reducing installation space;
2. The frequency is as high as DC-11GHz, and the impedance is 50 ohms;
3. The threaded connection of the N-type connector ensures durability and stability in use in a vibration environment;
4. Medium size, used in military, industrial and consumer electronics;
Lilutong is a professional R&D and manufacturer of N-type connectors. Its products are used in communications, security monitoring, automotive, medical, aviation, military and other fields. It must be a man in advance. Since 20 years in the industry, its products have passed the international IOS Certification, praised by customers, product quality can withstand scrutiny.


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