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Communication electrical connector online purchase

The communication connector can be purchased online. If you have any needs, you can consult the online customer service of Lilutong Connect Organ Network. The following explains the relevant knowledge of the communication connector.
  The electrical connector enables the power supply circuit that is blocked or unaided in the power supply circuit to circulate in the power supply circuit, so that the power supply circuit maintains the predetermined function. Some connectors are made into general power sockets, and are generally recognized and applied in the cable industry production.
  The classification of electrical connectors has been confused for many years, and each manufacturer has its own classification methods and specifications. According to the specification, communication connectors usually use level 4 connectors. However, this level is only for learning, training and classifying connectors. In the specific work, the connector is rarely mentioned according to the said level, but the name is based on the appearance of the connector and the buckle structure (the name of the electrical connector with a different structure is determined by the international universality. Detailed standard requirements; usually, connectors with different structures have different application areas). The connection of network communication usually lies in the commonly used news media. Therefore, connectors are generally discussed according to different connection materials, interface methods and application places.
1. Two-wire cable connector
  Two-wire cable connectors include DB connectors, DIX connectors and DIN connectors.
(1) Db type connectors include DB-9, DB-15, DB-25 connectors, which are used to connect serial devices and parallel cables. They are divided into male and female terminals. The DB in DB25 means D Type connector, the big number 25 means the number of pins of the connector. DB25 connector is a common component of microcomputer and line socket at this stage.
(2) DIX connector: Its surface is like a DB-15 connector. It is held by a sliding buckle when connected, while DB15 is fixed by screws when connected, and is often used to connect thick cable Ethernet interfaces.
(3) DIN connector: There are different needles and their ordering methods in DIN connectors. It is usually used to connect Macintosh and AppleTalk to the Internet.
2. Twisted-pair connector
  Twisted pair connection includes two kinds of connectors: RJ45 and RJ11. RJ is a socket that describes the ratio of public telecommunications networks. In the past, Category 4, Category 5, Category 5, and even Category 6 wiring not long after the release, the selected All RJ-type jacks.
(1) RJ11 connector: this kind of network cable communication connector, suitable for 2-wire and 4-wire, usually used for customer network cable connection.
(2) RJ45 connector: This same kind of communication connector, socket type, is larger than RJ11 connector, and it is suitable for 8 wires. It is an alias for the standardized 8-bit modular design socket. It is mostly used to connect twisted pair in the Internet. . Because its commonly used power circuits are balanced transmitters and receivers, it has a high common-mode rejection capability.
3. Coaxial cable connector
  Coaxial cable connectors include T three-way connectors and BNC connectors and terminal equipment resistors.
(1) T three-way connector: used to connect coaxial cable and BNC connector.
(2) BNC connector: BayoNette interface barrel connector, used to connect the network segment to the BNC connector. The rapid growth of the communication and electronic computer sales market and the integration of communication technology and electronic information technology have become a key element in the demand for stimulating coaxial connectors. Because coaxial cables and T-type connectors rely on BNC connectors for connection, the BNC connector sales market is a favorite of professionals.
(3) Terminal equipment: cable must be terminal equipment, terminal equipment is this unique connector, it has a carefully selected resistor matching the characteristics of the network cable, in which each terminal equipment is Be sure to ground the device.
(4) An N-type connector is used in the thick-cable Ethernet interface. The service center does not immediately connect to the Ethernet Internet, but only uses a transceiver, which is connected to the transceiver according to an AUI connector (DIX connector).
The radio frequency coaxial connector is divided by the connection type, the key is as follows:
(1) Bolt connection type: such as: APC-7, N, TNC, SMA, SMC, L27, L16, L12, L8, L6 and other frequency-fired coaxial connectors. The connector of this type of connection has the characteristics of high reliability, shielding and easy use, so its use is more common.
(2) Interface connection type: such as BNC, C, Q9, Q6 and other frequency radio coaxial connectors. This type of connector has the characteristics of convenient and convenient connection, and it is the connection method of radio frequency connector that has been used internationally.
(3) In-line push connection type: such as SMB, SSMB, MCX, etc., connectors of this type of connection have the characteristics of simple structure, compactness, light weight, and easy practicality.
  The serial communication method is the communication method that is commonly used. In serial communication, it is stipulated that one standard interface is selected for communication with each other. The connectors of ISDN basic sockets are all selected ISO8877 standard. The standard S interface standard connector is RJ-45 (8 cores), and the middle 4 cores are reasonable cores; there is no standard for U socket connectors. Some manufacturers use RJ-11, and some choose RJ-45, all of which are positive The middle two cores are reasonable. The connector of the G.703 socket in the large digital transmission network is usually BNC (75Ω) or RJ-45 (120Ω), and sometimes a 9-pin socket is also used. The USB standard (Universal Serial Bus) is this connection specification, which shows a universal connector (a-type and b-type) for all USB peripheral devices to connect to a PC. This kind of connector will replace the traditional various external port numbers, such as serial port, mobile game socket, parallel port, etc.
  At the network wiring level, in the past four, five, and super five types, including the six types of wiring that will be announced soon, all RJ-type sockets are selected. From the beginning of the seven types of specifications, wiring has historically been divided into RJ-type and non-RJ-type sockets. The Cat7 connector composition (GG45-GP45) specification has been the same as (IEC60603-7-7) on March 22, 2002, and turned into a category 7 connector, which can be fully adapted to the current RJ-45.
  The adoption of electrical connectors includes the application of natural environmental standards, electrical main parameters, main mechanical equipment parameters, and the use of termination methods. Actually includes the main parameters of electrical equipment, rated current, rated voltage, contact resistance, shielding performance, main safety parameters, main parameters of mechanical equipment, service life of mechanical equipment, interface methods, installation methods and appearance design, air quality parameters, terminal Connect these.
  The development trend of electrical connectors has the following characteristics:
1. The development trend towards practical, dense, high-speed operation and transmission;
2. The development trend towards performance and high frequency technology;
3. Connectors with high working voltage and large current require a large sales market;
4. Connectors are also developing towards anti-jamming technology, modular design technology and lead-free technology.
  Under the condition that the speed of traditional parallel processing of simultaneous analog signals is about to exceed the limit, the high-speed serial method is a very good processing concept. This makes LVDS a key level specification for next-generation high-speed data signals. The selection of high-speed connectors has also become a key problem for high-speed data signal interconnection.
  Many core technologies often used in the development trend of high-speed connectors include: 1. Differential signals used to reduce crosstalk, noise-free data signals and ground quality construction technology; 2. In order to adjust the wires of the connector, it can be changed because of the connection The timing difference caused by the difference between the input and output physics of the device; 3. In order to obtain a greater transmission efficiency, the impedance value of the connector should be consistent with the impedance of the transmission power circuit.


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