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Features and scope of application of M8 connector

The meaning of the connector is as wide as the name implies, that is, the connector used on various sensors, the M8 connector is also a kind of connector, which plays a role in finding and connecting signals.
The thread of the M12 connector is M12*1, the connection method is screw connection, and the enclosure protection grade is IP67. There are cables with and without cables. The cables can be made of PVC (ordinary) or PUR (oil and wear resistance). The length of the cable can be adjusted according to Customized according to user requirements; the thread of the M8 connector is M8*1, the connection method is screw connection, the protection level is IP67, there are cables with and without cables, the cables can be made of PVC (ordinary) or PUR (oil and wear resistance) materials, cables The length can be customized according to user requirements; the locking method of the solenoid valve connector is the center screw, the connection method is the screw, and the enclosure protection level is IP65.
Technical parameters of M8 connector
Rated current: 4A
Rated voltage: 60V (measurement voltage 125V, 250V)
Impulse voltage: 2500V
Contact resistance: ≤8mΩ
Insulation resistance≥500MΩ
Operating temperature range (operation): -25℃+85℃
Error-proof coding: Type A, Type B, Type D
Pollution degree: 3
Protection level: IP67
Application range of M8 connector
M8 connectors are widely used in sensors, testing instruments, electronic instrumentation, electronic machinery, communications, aviation, navigation, computers, LEDs, automobiles, engineering machinery, electromechanics, petroleum surveying, transmission control systems, electrical and electrical systems, industrial automation and other fields At present, it has become an international standard electrical connection component. The product is waterproof, cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, easy to install, and has contactability. It has been used normally in various complex and harsh environments.


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